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Becoming Empowered

BE your own best advocate

BE Accountable 

BE Responsible 

BE Well


Becoming Empowered


Attend to your Health and

it will serve you in so many marvelous ways.


Attend to your Health, it will bring you smiles of Joy. 

Attend to your Health, and create balance and harmony within your internal ecosystem .. the temple that houses your soul. 

Be mindful and honor the Breath of Life that flows through as you summon the eternal vibration and alignment with Creator of All That Is

Evette Delphine


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embrace… “THE BUTTERFLY”

It's A Journey of Transformation”

BEcoming and Living ‘The Circle of Life’


“The time is NOW for your “Self-Care Health Focus.” 

You’re on your way to embracing a better version of you”

“Your Lifestyle Requires a “ReBoot!” and as your Coaching Partner, I will meet

 you where you are. We will embrace the bio-individual approach for  

YOUR unique health journey.”

Contemplate a moment … 

  • Based on your most recent wellness evaluation or follow-up prognosis, has your healthcare provider recommended lifestyle changes and you don’t know where or how to start?


  • Are you looking to get to the root cause of your chronic condition? 


  • Do you struggle with maintaining your weight goals and feel stuck?


  • Are you experiencing digestive or gut issues, along with a lack of mental clarity and focus?


  • Are you FEELING mentally or emotionally stressed, or physically drained, and not sure how to make adjustments? 

Partnering with an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach such as myself supports you with a bio-individual approach. Partnering allows me to inspire and assist in co-creating transformative growth.  I provide a safe, non-judgmental space to explore the obstacles that are holding you back. Together, creating and incorporating sustainable lifestyle changes to enhance your overall health and well-being.  I help guide clients from where they are to where they want to be by being that bridge of support and accountability.

The Butterfly Package

Embracing “The Butterfly” Six-Month Program and by acknowledging health is your most valuable asset, you are committing to a higher level of accountability for success. Congratulations on making a conscious decision to explore higher-quality lifestyle options for improving your health. Learn to minimize and/or release the habits or activities that no longer fully serve you. Your benefit of partnering with me will provide the guidance, support and encouragement to stay on course.

  • Health History Intake

  • 30-min Discovery Consultation

  • 12 / 50-min sessions

  • Handouts

  • Nutrient Absorbability

  • Food and Hydration Recipes

  • Teleclasses Health Topics (body systems/organs)

  • Explore “Self-Care Health”

  • Two Personalized Farmers Market Shopping Experiences

  • Home Pantry Makeover (1 home visit) (90-mins)

  • Two Personalized Grocery Shopping

  • Label Reading 

  • Messaging Access

  • Complimentary Journal

  • Welcome Letter

Happy Clients

"Evette"s passion for serving others is evident in all that she does. Her knowledge and expertise of the human body and how it can heal and sustain health naturally surpasses that of any wellness expert I've ever known. She is a true gem in our community! "

"Best natural healer in the area, amazing business partner, and extremely knowledgeable. If you have any health issues or pain call her!"

Brittany Tusing

"I am very impressed with Evette's extensive background in the wellness industry and how thorough she is in matching each client with the solution most appropriate to their particular situation. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for help in addressing a wellness issue."

Al Stitt, Triple Influence LLC

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